Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do I order my invitations?


A: You may make an appointment to order in person, browse and purchase available invitations online, or request custom designed invitations by filling out the Request a Quote page.



Q: How do I make an appointment to have an Invitation Consultation?


A: Call Briana at (724) 801-8263 or email at brianajoy@bjoyfulinvitations.com to request an evening or weekend appointment.



Q: Where is B. Joyful Invitations located?


A: Indiana, Pennsylvania. I do not have a storefront, but meet with clients by appointment at a convenient location to discuss your stationery and accessory needs.



Q: How much are invitations?


A: Invitation prices vary, but on average cost $200-$1000 per 100 invitations. Custom invitations start at $300 per 100 invitations.



Q: How long will it take to receive my invitations?


A: Invitations generally take 2-3 weeks to print and ship. Please add an additional 1-2 weeks for custom invitations. Expedited printing and shipping is available.



Q: When should I order my invitations?


A: Order Wedding, Bar Mitzvah, and Anniversary Invitations THREE months before the Big Day, Shower and Birthday Invitations should be ordered 1-2 months in advance.



Q: What type of stationery and accessory printing does B. Joyful Invitations offer?


A: Flat Printing (Digital Printing), Raised Printing (using either Thermography or Embossing techniques), Foil Stamping, and Letterpress.



Q: I already have a design. Can you print it?


A: Absolutely, as long as you have the rights to the design.