A look inside an Invitation Consultation

I am a big online shopper. Don’t get me wrong, I love to support local businesses anytime I can, but the modern convenience of purchasing online is still a part of my life. I think most brides and grooms also find online shopping beneficial and are finding details for their weddings this way. Having been a bride myself, I know I wanted to find the perfect favors, decorations, and accessories to match my wedding colors and the ambiance of my special day, and the Internet was a boundless resource for these items.


There are, however, a few wedding purchases I do not recommend leaving to chance by buying them online. There are certain items that I believe you should select in person, not only to make sure that what you are buying is the exactly what you want and expect, but also because it makes the wedding experience more fun, exciting, and real! The items that I consider those requiring your special attention and personalization include the wedding dress, the wedding cake, and the wedding invitations.


Invitations and stationery being my specialty, I thought I would give you the details of what happens during an Invitation Consultation.




A B. Joyful Invitations Wedding Invitation Consultation is a complimentary service in which I get the opportunity to meet with you brides and grooms (and whomever you wish to join you) one-on-one to discuss your invitation ideas and preference. You will have a chance to look through sample books and ask any questions you may have about stationery.


Make an Appointment


It is easy to make an Invitation Consultation Appointment. You can call me (Briana) at (724) 801-8263 or email me at brianajoy@bjoyfulinvitations.com with a time and date that works for you. For your convenience I am available for evening and weekend appointments. Meeting 3-12 months in advance of your wedding date is ideal.


Describe Your Preferences


Once we sit down to discuss your stationery, I like to get an idea about what your wedding will be like and how you would like your wedding reflected in the invitations. Remember, your invitations are the first thing people see and remember about your wedding. Guests won’t get to see all of the other wonderful details you’ve planned until the Big Day. Think of the invitation as a preview of what guests can expect at your wedding.


What kind of information am I looking for when we meet? I am trying to determine if you are looking for elegant, fun, simple, unique, casual, or formal stationery so knowing your style helps me direct you to invitations you might like. Every couple has different design preferences, styles, preferred colors, and budgets and I work with you to find the perfect invitations!


Invitation Samples


I mentioned before that you would get to look through invitation samples during a consultation. I have a large collection of wedding invitation albums, each containing numerous invitations, envelopes, insert cards, programs, thank you notes, cocktail napkins, and favors. Not only are you able to view each of the samples, but you may feel the textures, thicknesses, and weights. You will also notice different color, font, design, and wording combinations and examples. Another benefit to viewing invitations in person is to see the printing techniques available to you. The options are endless, but I am at your disposal to help you narrow down the options.


Selecting the Perfect Invitation


How will you know when you’ve found the perfect invitation? Much like the perfect wedding dress, you will know it when you see it! You will keep coming back to the invitation and will be able to eliminate all of the other invitations because they don’t quite live up to the one on your mind.


Personalizing Your Invitations


Once you have decided upon the invitations you will be sending to your loved ones, the next step is to personalize it with your wedding information. You will need to select the following:



1) Which insert cards you wish to include – Full invitation sets include the invitation and envelope(s), respond card and respond envelope, reception card, accommodations card, and directions/map card.


2) Quantity – Most invitation recipients will be couples or families so you will not need one per guest, rather per household (in general).


3) Font – Lettering samples are available in each album.


4) Printing Type – Available printing techniques include, Raised Thermography, Engraving, Letterpress, Offset (flat), Digital (flat), Embossing, and Foil Printing


5) Imprint Color – Color samples are available in each album


6) Wording – Examples and suggestions are available in each album and we will discuss line-by-line how you would like each item in your invitation set worded.


7) Envelope Liner (optional) – Invitation liners are available for most invitations and colors and textures are sampled in each album.


What to Bring


When we meet you should try to have the following information ready. (If you do not yet have all of this information, it’s not a problem. You can always call or email me after our appointment with the missing information!):


1) Times and Date(s) of your ceremony and reception


2) Locations with addresses of ceremony and reception


3) Quantity of invitation sets you wish to order


4) A checkbook or credit card if you are ready to order


The following information will most likely need to be sent to me after our appointment to ensure correct wording/spelling:


1) Hotel Accommodations with phone numbers and perhaps the town in which the hotel is located along with the rate (when ordering an accommodations card).


2) Directions, which may consist of instructions from a starting location (a general direction, town, or hotel) à ceremony, ceremony à reception, and reception à accommodations (when ordering a directions card).


What to Remember


Have fun!! Delight in this part of wedding planning. It is one of the bigger items on your wedding to-do list and it can also be one of the most enjoyable. Also be sure to ask any questions you have. I am happy to help in any way!


Happy Inviting!




B. Joyful Invitations

Owner, Invitation Consultant

(724) 801-8263